Typefaces inspired
by vintage packaging & logotypes


Since its launch in 2010, ILOTT Vintage has become well known as a dedicated and stylish resource for mid-century cameras and analogue photography. This sister project —ILOTT-TYPE— takes our passion a step further. It goes beyond the weight, proportion and specific mechanisms of the actual cameras to the fine details and idiosyncrasies of the type design used to brand them.

Rather than being set in existing typefaces the type used for mid-century camera logotypes was custom designed and hand-drawn. Each was exclusive and unique, authentically of the period and often only in use for the duration of a specific model’s life. They weren’t originally created by the type-design ‘greats’ of Europe and North America, but by unknown Japanese creatives working with a foreign alphabet and an individual tone-of-voice. (Unfortunately we are unable to credit the original designers as they are unknown. Even the original Canon logo from 1935 is attributed simply to “a designer specializing in advertising”*).

ILOTT-TYPE is a project to develop custom typefaces driven by a passion for design from another perspective - a unique combination of photographic and typographic. We used the original logotypes as inspiration and analysed and isolated the unique vocabulary of the defining shapes and lines to fashion the rest of the characters to fit seamlessly. Crafting an entire set of 139 glyphs from 1 existing character, or 191 from 10 takes the project well beyond simply re-drawing a logo. On top of the design and creation of the letters, figures and punctuation, painstaking work has gone into both kerning and letter spacing for optimal typesetting.

The resulting designs are mainly display faces as the original forms were never meant to be used for setting extensive text, and until now have never been complete typefaces. Each font is inspired by and based on anything from a single letter to a 10 character model or brand name. The work is explorative, meticulously detailed and beautifully crafted... deeply rooted in the passion for vintage camera design.


The names are based on the model of camera or accessory that inspired the typeface. The first two numbers are an approximate year that the model was available, and the 3 characters that follow are taken from the name itself. For example, 52-Kfx, the Konica Koniflex from 1952.


As well as the English alphabet, each typeface includes the letters and diacritics for the following languages: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Afrikaans, Albanian, Basque, Catalan, Galician & Irish.


For more information about a typeface download the Type Specimen found in the PDF tab on each information table.

Entering the same arena as foundries such as Linotype, FontFont, Monotype, ITC, The Northern Block and Letters From Sweden, ILOTT-TYPE typefaces will steadily be released as OTF, TTF and webfonts at myfonts.com
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